Other services

Precise accuracy


In order to provide convinience to our customers we offer versalite services related to metal products: design, powder coating, welding, assembly, quick and safe transportation of the products. Professionals working in our company will accept and coordinate all the orders, provide quality consulting and help finding solution to every problem.

Powder coating

Powder coatings are intended for long-term and reliable protection and decoration of the surface. This method of coating is a lot different from the traditional one. Dry powder is sprayed on the surface electrified in advance, therefore it covers the surface and sticks to it. Then the workpeace gets into the oven, where it heats up to the temperature of powder melting. Here the powder effuses and polymerizes. Degreasing is made before the coating, which assures the longevity of the garment. The colours and the shades are chosen according to the RAL colour chart. The structure of the coating can vary from absolutely smooth to very rough, the polish can vary from absolutely matted to especially glossy.


We can perform the welding of various metal products (metal sheets, frame structures). The quality of the welding always meets the requirements of our clients.

MIG/MAG, TIG and spot welding.


According to the client‘s needs, the journey of the product may not end with laser cut or bending. In our company we offer full assembly of the product.

3D Modeling

The company has a great experience in designing, so we perform the design of mechanical equipment, 3D modelling, calculations, prepare production drawings. We use advanced 3D modelling systems.
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